Thinking like a Product Marketing Manager for Revolution Analytics

Yesterday, I was talking with David Smith (@revodavid), VP of Marketing and R evangelist at Revolution Analytics about why I would do thinking like an Inbound Marketing Manager for the company. I love R, and this team have done an outstanding job bringing this amazing platform directly to the Enterprise world. They have a lot of customers, from small to big companies, so, they are very profitable, but I think that they should build a stronger web presence around the web, and a Product Marketing Manager could help them to do that. How? Keep reading.

Create an engaging Facebook Business Page for Revolution Analytics

I know what are you thinking: “Many analytical people don’t like Facebook”, and that statement can be true, but my friend, it doesn’t matter: You should create a good Business page on Facebook, there is not any justification to do not do that. Facebook has an amazing and growing use base, so, it could help very well to promote Revolution R to more and more users, and with the new Facebook Exchange platform, to create more targeted Advertising campaigns is even easier. Great examples? HubSpot, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, IMS Health, Cloudera, NYU Stern School of Business and many more.

If you want to begin to work in an idea, I let you this image:

Using Slideshare for Marketing too

You have a very well presence in Slideshare, but Have you considered to use it like a Marketing tool? Slideshare is an great tool to make stories behind a product, behind a team, focusing in a more visual content, so you should use it for that. Great examples? HubSpot, Wooga, Eugene Cheng, LinkedIn

If you want to do the same, just see this great presentation how Marketo uses Slideshare for Inbound Marketing:

I put to Marketo because it’s one of the great customers that you have in your use cases, so, it would be nice to talk with David and Jason, how to do all this.

Using more visual content in the Revolution Analytics blog

An image have more value than 1000 words

The readers of my blog keep saying to me the same:

“My friend, I read your blog posts mostly for the content that you put, but the images that you use to give a message or to promote it is critical for a great post too; so keep it doing in that way”.

You should see that I love WordPress, because it’s an amazing way to create engaging and beautiful posts. I saw that you use Typepad for blogging, and it’s very good, but Why don’t use more images? Like this showcase. All this if you want to keep using Typepad.

If you want to use WordPress, you should take a look to the Genesis framework from StudioPress. This team have created this great framework based on WordPress, with beautiful and responsive themes focused on visual content. My favorite themes are:

Embrace to powerful people in the company to use Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool for Marketing today, and if you convince to well known experts of your company to use it, with the RevolutionR account, it would awesome. But, you should do more: You should create a great background design for Twitter See some examples here. If you want to know more, just read the great ebook published by HubSpot’s team here

Create a Google Plus page for Revolution R

Google Plus is another great way to promote the product, so use it wisely too. HubSpot (again) put all the knowledge and tips together in an ebook too, so READ IT.

Tune Revolution Analytics’s LinkedIn page

Since LinkedIn released a new design for Business pages, many companies have done great things in the social network.For me the best examples are: IBM, HP,Rocket Fuel Inc, Marketo and HubSpot.

Some months ago, LinkedIn published the best business pages for 2012. Here, you can see the winners:

So, it would be nice to see a new for the Revolution Analytics’s page on LinkedIn, but not just a new design; you can add in the Products section, a good description of Revolution R, you can videos about the culture of the company for new prospective employees, and many more things.

New design for Revolution Analytics Careers Page

I saw that you opened new offices in London and Singapore, and I’m totally agree with you: London is one of the economic hubs around the world and many companies interested in Financial Services, Healthcare, Advertising, Search are using Big Data Analytics in the core of its businesses, so, with the offering of Revolution Analytics, they could do it even better Data-Driven decisions, and Singapore is the Asian “Silicon Valley”, and the quantity of companies to put its services in the country is in total explosion, so this is a very good decision.

But, for all this, you need a good mass of employees, so, the Careers page is the first point to see when a prospective employee wants to work with you. For that reason, I think that you should redesign this page in a way to embrace the culture inside the company. How? Putting videos, pictures, talking about perks and benefits, etc. There are many good examples of amazing Careers sites:

Use Quora to questions and answers about Revolution R

I love Quora, because, you can see CEOs, System Engineers, investors, students, Musicians, and all kind of people asking and answering questions about a lot of topics, so Why not to take advantage of this? You can create a topic for Revolution R and other for the company, and then redirect all your questions to these topics. Ideas? I will give you too here:

  • What is it like to work at Revolution Analytics?
  • What are the main objectives about the partnership between Revolution Analytics and Hortonworks?

Tune the Revolution Analytics Use cases section

Revolution Analytics have a very good customer base, so you can create interview-like videos talking about how they are using Revolution R on its businesses. This should be more engaging for prospective customers when they see a CTO of an important company talking about the product, talking about the problems that they had before to use the platform, and how they solved with Revolution R. All in Marketing with now is based on great stories, so, doing this could be very good for the business. Don’t you think?

All this is about Inbound Marketing, and if you can’t do it by yourself, yo have two choices: HubSpot or Marketo, they have more knowledge that me. Now I will tak about Business Development.

Partnerships with Red Hat, Amazon and Canonical

I think that this could be critical for Revolution Analytics, because with Red Hat, you can improve your version for this platform; with Amazon, you can add a Cloud-Ready Revolution R in the marketplace, and with Canonical, you can add Revolution R to Ubuntu, the most used Linux distribution in this moment.

Take advantage of the growing popularity of Hadoop and R

The use of both platforms is exploding right now, so Why don’t to participate in the next Hadoop Summit in San Jose in a shared talk with Hortonworks team? It could be great for both companies.


There are many ideas to do in this post, my friends, and I know that it could be hard, but if you do all this, I think that revenue of the company could be massive in the near future. Like I said, for Marketing efforts, you can hire to the HubSpot team or to the Marketo team; both are awesome in Inbound Markerting; and for Business Development, you just read critical thinkers. Thanks for reading

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda

Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda

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