MSBA from NYU Stern: Born to shape Data Science Leaders

Some days ago, I wrote a Tweet message that changed my perspective about Business Analytics. That message was sent to Anindya Ghose (@aghose), a professor of the well known New York Stern School of Business and Co-director of the Center for Business Analytics in the same institution.

He is an expert in Social Media Analytics, Advertising effectiveness (one of the my favorite research fields), Mobile Advertising market and a lot of amazing stuff that you will amazed for his commitment.

But, he is not alone. With him, there are other brilliant minds working all together to create an amazing Master degree in Business Analytics.

Who are? I will mention just two: Sinan Aral, another research leader in Social Networks, Social Media and Digital Strategy, and a Microsoft Faculty Fellow, who wrote an amazing article about the Power of Influence in Social Marketing in the Harvard Business Review, and the professor Vasant Dhar who is the Head of the Information Systems Group at New York University Stern School of Business.

Dr. Dhar’s research is focused on Data-driven predictive analytics in Finance, Healthcare, and Social Phenomena.

Why this program

But you should be wondering in your mind why I love this Master program.

I will put you my Top Reasons behind this:

It’s just amazing.

It’s a shame that I can’t apply for this program right now, because my resources are limited, but, if you, my Data-driven fellow; if you want to become in a Data Science leader you must consider to apply for this program, and enjoy the journey. Believe me, this should be a life-changing experience, I think. I let you the great video of the program here:

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz