The new KDE 4.7 version is coming

Linux (specifically Kubuntu) is my primary Operating System and KDE is my favorite desktop environment. I don’t want to initiate a flame here, I think that one has the right to use the operating system, tool, etc, where he will be more productive, and at least for me, my productivity is increased exponentially where I’m working on Linux. For that reason, my daily work like Data Scientist and Infrastructure Developer is done using this amazing operating system.

The last May 25th, the KDE Project announced the availability of the new Beta for the 4.7 version, and these are exciting news for me.

. Some of the new features that comes with this Beta version are:

  • KWin: the Plasma’s Windows Manager supports now OpenGL-ES 2.0
  • Dolphin, the file manager has many improvements on the user interface and a better user experience seaching the file’s metadata
  • KDM, the login manager now supports and interfaces the Grub2 bootloader
  • and many improvements more

You can download the completed source code for 4.7 Beta 1 from here and the instructions for compiling and installing are here

Of course, you are not obligated to use Kubuntu like me, you can choose your favorite O.S to run KDE 4. I let you some resources about this:

I hope that it could be useful to everyone. Regards and thanks for reading

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz