A lot of thanks to Charles M. Kozierok

Jun 03, 2011

Yes, I want to thank to Charles for the amazing book that wrote about TCP/IP: The TCP/IP Guide. Really, is a guide, is a completed reference to these hard topics to actually understand. And one of the things that I liked about this text, is that he explained in a good way the “what” and why “TCP/IP”. That’s very important, at least for mee, because one can understand the needs and reason why it came out.

If you want to understand TCP/IP, I want to recommend you that you should have this book in printed form, to use it like a excellent reference everyday in your work. Well, I don’t know, I have mixed role of a Jr. Data Scientist with Unix/Linux Administration Systems and Services, and this text help me everyday to face real and hard networking problems like measuring network performance (I think that’s one of the hardest).