The benefits for MongoDB 2.0

The benefits for MongoDB 2.0

If you have seen my Twitter’s profile, you can look that I’m a MongoDB big fan, and on September 12th, the MongoDB’s Development Team announced the version 2.0 of the popular NoSQL database, used by several companies and with a great community behind advocating, using and trusting on the good and useful features of it.

New Features, MongoDB rocks !!!

This new version brings a lot of good features and improvements, but for me like a devops guy, this list are my rocks:

  • the compact command: It’s a very useful tool to compact a single collections and its indexes. On previous releases, there was a only way to this reparing the completed database
  • Sharding Authentication: After of the version 1.9.1, you have the chance to use authentication with the replica sets and sharding. You can see the official docs to learn more about this
  • Priority on the Replica Sets: This, basically introduced a new priority value between 0 and 1000, which is used to control which server on the replicat set you prefer like primary. This is very useful for large productions systems like Foursquare and Craiglist

A big sight to MongoDB

The MongoDB community is living a great momment with the NoSQL solution:

  • Dwight Merriman, and its team at 10gen are more proud to supports MongoDB
  • SAP, the big multinational company behind Bill McDermott’s and Jim Hagemann Snabe’s leadership, choosed MongoDB as its Enterprise Content Management(ECM) system for its PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering to atrack more customers everyday
  • Everyday, the Production Deployments’s list on the MongoDB site grows exponentially, so more and more people are more interested on the platform

So, a little advice for you: if you are using large set of data and you want to use a cheap, reliable and a great NoSQL, I recommend to you that you have to look to MongoDB, seriously.

Happy hacking

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