Revolution for your resumé or

Reading infosthetics, one of the primary blogs about data visualization, infographics, and data analysis, I had the pleasure to meet a amazing service called, in simple words is a rival for another similar service called, but, at least for me, with more cool features to test and to see, which the main objetive of them, is to visualize your LinkedIn profile in a very beautiful way.

But you should be wondered why I think that has a better approach than Ok, here are my thoughts about this:

  • with, you can add more information to in forms of layers, to support your work. There are many examples: “interest over time”, “job duties”, “vital stats”
  • Another cool feature is the dashboard, the “analytic tool” of the infographic page’s development team is planing to add premium accounts, so stay tune. It’s awesome to see where these new kind of businesses, where behind an idea, can be implemented a successful empire. You can build your own profile, look the mine

Happy Hacking !!!

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz