My new Fedora 15 installation on my Acer

I just finished to install my laptop (a Acer Aspire 5251–1805) with Fedora 15, and now you can see some screenshots on my new installation. I personally recommend these two guides for the post-install process. Here is for the Fedora 14 users, here is the published by How To Forge and Here is for Fedora 15 users. Amazing guides and very useful. Here are the screenshots.

Image # 1: Gnome 3 in action

Image # 2: Many open applications with great performance

Image # 3: Probing that this is a Fedora 15 (Loverlock)

Image # 4: Viewing the Brian Stevens´s Keynote on the Red Hat Summit 2011 with VLC:

So, if you are a Fedora 14 user, I recommend to you that the new release is awesome. I have to confess that I wasn´t a big Gnome 3 fan, but this release really changed my mind. So, go to the Fedora site, download it and try it. Thanks a lot for reading.

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz