FUDCon India Jul 22 IRC meeting minutes -UPDATED

The last meeting about FUDCon India on IRC

Rahul Sundaram published on the FUDCon Planning mailing list the last meeting about the planning for the FUDCon, on Pune, India.

This is the completed message:

Hi http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fudcon-planning/2011-07-22/fudcon_planning.2...

#fudcon-planning: FUDCon India Planning meeting

Meeting started by jsmith at 13:03:22 UTC

Meeting summary

Roll Call! (jsmith, 13:03:39)

FUDPub (jsmith, 13:18:34)

  • Status update on Hotel/Lodging (jsmith, 13:06:01)
  • Two hotel options, decision to be finalized by next week’s meeting (jsmith, 13:18:00)
  • Both hotels would require taxi/mini-bus/van service (jsmith, 13:18:31)
  • jsmith (78)
  • mether (74)
  • tatica (33)
  • zodbot (13)
  • Southern_Gentlem (9)
  • tuxdna (8)
  • bckurera (7)
  • gomix (2)
  • rbergeron (1)
  • FUDPub details should be arranged by next week (jsmith, 13:18:45)
  • Working out the logistics with regards to legal drinking age, etc. (jsmith, 13:20:47)

Website and promotion (jsmith, 13:21:35)

  • http://fudcon.fedoraproject.org (jsmith, 13:21:43)
  • Infrastructure for a static FUDCon website is now setup (jsmith, 13:22:04)
  • Rahul talking with marketing folks from Red Hat in Mumbai. More details to come. (jsmith, 13:23:39)

Artwork and design update (jsmith, 13:23:57)

  • This is the image for the event
  • (tatica, 13:25:17)
  • logo arranged yesterday (jsmith, 13:27:33)
  • posters and t-shirt designs being worked on (jsmith, 13:27:44)

Subsidies (jsmith, 13:28:39)

  • https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/wiki/FundingRequest (jsmith, 13:29:52)
  • Now accepting requests for travel subsidies, with the understanding that there’s very little budget for international travel (jsmith, 13:30:25)
  • ACTION: mether Help advertise the fact that we’re opening up for travel subsidy requests (jsmith, 13:34:33)
  • Travel subsidy deadline (for first round of subsidies) on August 5th (jsmith, 13:35:11)

Other items (jsmith, 13:35:27)

Last call for topics… (jsmith, 13:56:14)

Meeting ended at 13:58:35 UTC

Action items

  • mether Help advertise the fact that we’re opening up for travel subsidy requests
  • jsmith write welcome letter for booklet

People present (lines said)

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz