300 Gbps DDoS attacks? The new norm is 600 Gbps

Yes, BBC was taken down by a new hackers hang called New World Hackers using a new tool called BangStresser, able to launch an attack of up to 602 Gbps.

You can read these posts from Graham Culey and ZDNet about the attacks to BBC and Donald Trump´s campaign site. Ownz, one of the members of the hacking gang, said these attacks were a test, because their real objective is to take down ISIS campaign. It seems they are using Amazon Web Services to launch the attacks:

“We have our ways of bypassing Amazon. The best way to describe it is we tap into a few administrative services that Amazon is use to using. The [sic] simply set our bandwidth limit as unlimited and program our own scripts to hide it.”

Like they said: This is just the start of a new year…

Time to wake up: Use Radware´s Always On DDoS Protection

It´s time to use Advanced Mitigation Services like DefensePro and DefensePipe from Radware.They could help you to become in a DDoS warrior in a short time. Protect your assets today and secure your future revenue. It´s that simple.

If you are wondering why I recommended them, you must read this piece from them.

The message is clear:

Act today

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Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda

Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda

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