The Python User Group Organizers Survey

Today has arrived to my mailbox a Jesser Noller’s message from the Python Announcements Mailing List announcing the International Survey of the Python User Groups Organizers. If you don’t know to Jesser, he is a PFS board member and PyCon chair.

I let you the completed message here:

The PSF is happy to launch today an international survey of Pythonuser group organizers to help it better serve the large and ever-expanding international Python user community.

The survey contains questions on user group organization, events, demographics, and growth. There are some questions with numerical answers, and while your best guess is fine, you may find it helpful to gather some statistics on your user group membership before starting the survey (example statistics include the number of active members and the size and topics for recent user group events).

We expect this survey to take around 30 minutes to complete. We appreciate your time and honesty in answering these questions.

The PSF blog post announcing the survey:

The survey was written by Jessica McKellar (, organizer for the Boston Python Meetup (, and Jesse Noller (, PSF board member and PyCon chair with input and feedback from survey specialists and others.

The survey was pretested with a handful of user group organizers, and their answers were phenomenal. Organizers have tons to say about these topics, and we hope to get a lot of great, actionable data for strengthening the relationship between the PSF and Python user groups out of this effort.

Outreach, education, diversity and community building are critical for Python as a community, and the Foundation — this data should greatly assist in our targeting our resources and furthering the mission of the Foundation in all ways.

Thank you

The Python Software Foundation

Jessica McKellar

Jesse Noller

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz