Cloudera announces HBaseCon

Cloudera, on of the leader companies today on the Apache Hadoop and related technologies, announced that the first conference dedicated exclusivelly to HBase, the real-time column-based data storage, based on the research of Google BigTable will be in May 22 in the InterContinental San Francisco Hotel, located in 888 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Seeing the agenda and the speakers list, I think that it could be a oustanding opportunity for networking events, to meet personally to Lars George, the author of the “HBase: The Definitive Guide”’s book, talk with HBase committers to discuss the upcoming features in the platform, etc. Some of my favorite talks in the conference are:

Final Thoughts

So, What are you waiting for? Look here for a early bird registration, and enjoy every minute in the event.If you have any question about the event, please send an email to the Cloudera’s folks here. Cheers.

Happy Hacking !!!

Marcos Ortiz

Marcos Ortiz